Heavy Machine and Power Tool Rentals

Are you a DIY Family? With everyone being intexticated and finding it hard to escape the interweb, there’s nothing better than a DIY project to bring the family together! Since it’s summer, it’s the perfect time to do yard work or a landscaping project. Whatever your next project entails, we have the heavy machine and power tool rentals you’ll need.

Determining Heavy Machinery Rental Needs

Whether you’re a homeowner, landscaper, contractor, or business owner, Yellow Iron Rental has the Heavy Machinery and power tools for the job. Do you need to move dirt and a lot of it? We rent wheel loaders, skid steers, and excavators! And we rent trailers!

Our unique customer service employees will take the time to ensure you have the right machine for the right job.

Determining Small Power Tool Rental Needs

How do you know which power tool to use? Yellow Iron Rental is in the business of building things and fixing things. We offer advice and expertise based on years of experience. Do you need a concrete saw to help you with that sidewalk repair? We can help.

Homeowners or property managers, do you need to trim those tree branches hanging over your roof and causing damage? Our chain saw rentals will cut right through that problem.

Did your basement flood from last night’s heavy rain? Our trash pump will take care of that flooding in a jiffy. Trash pumps suck 2-3 times the water a sump pump can. They really suck (in a good way)!

How do you cut and install that baseboard or crown molding? We rent miter saws that will help your house look amazing.

Don’t Forget the Safety Gear When Working with Power Tools

Heavy Machine and Power Tool Rentals

Eye Protection

Dare I say, every DIY project requires eye protection. Whether you’re painting, landscaping, sanding, or cutting, it’s best to side on caution and care. Today’s protective glasses are lightweight and priced fairly. Come on in, we’ll take care of you.

Hearing Protection

Are you an earplugs gal or guy? Or do you prefer earmuffs? Either way, protecting your ears from the high decibels associated with renting small equipment and tools is very important.

Air Respirator

Any woodwork, painting or metal work should include an air respirator which will remove any large particulars headed for your lungs.

Support Local Power Tool Rental

By choosing Yellow Iron Rentals for your DIY project, you’re not only investing in your project’s success, but you’re also supporting the local economy in Salt Lake City. As a family-owned business, we take great pride in contributing to the community. Consider complementing your home improvement project by renting heavy machine and power tool rentals from a local company.

So, stop being an iPhoney and cellcoholic and get that DIY project done!